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Voice Logger
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Telephone Call Recording System
A multi-channel voice recording product to monitor and analyse real-time customer interactions over phone through a browser-based interface from any desktop.
Records Analog, Digital, VoIP lines
Highly Cascadable (128+ ports)
Excellent Voice Quality
User-friendly Browser Interface
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Interactive Voice Response System
A rapid IVR development toolkit
with support for analog and digital telephone lines to implement an automated call answering system in
an organisation.
Rapid IVR Development
Support for 10 Distinct Voice APIs
Database Access via ADO or ODBC
Examples for C#, VB, .Net, Java etc.
Outbound Dialer
Outbound Dialer OBD Details
Automated Outbound Dialing System
A cost-effective product developed for automating outbound calls in an organisation. Implementation reduces call cost and manual dialing to a large extent.
User-friendly Browser Interface
Supports Multiple Campaigns
Import Call List in CSV Format
Extensive Campaign Reports